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Burntisland Bowling Club

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COVID 19 Coronavirus Update – Access to the Bowling Green

The Committee are pleased to announce that Bowls  resumed on 1st May 2021.

However, please read and note the conditions that will apply. These are set out

below. You should also bear in mind that these arrangements reflect the easing of

restrictions announced by the Scottish Government and may be subject to change.

Throughout the process of playing, social distancing must be followed, and hygiene

requirements carried out.

• The full range of rink team sizes are now allowed.

Members will need to sign-in in order to play and to comply with the obligations derived

from Test and Protect requirements.

Please comply with social distancing during arrival and thereafter.

• Locker room access is allowed but masks must be worn, and social

distancing complied with when doing so or using the toilets. Please wait to enter the

locker room if these conditions cannot be met.

• Bar service will be available inside or outside, but table service only will be operated for the consumption

of alcohol.

• Sanitising facilities will be available but, players are asked to bring their own hand

sanitisers, use only their bowls equipment and ensure mats and jacks are sanitised

before and after playing. It may be wise for one person on each rink to handle mats and

jack during play.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message. The Management Committee

appreciate your continuing support during these difficult times.

Richard W. Perry,

Club Secretary