Burntisland Bowling Club

Est 1892

Constitution and Rules (Revised April 2019)

1. Name

The name of the Club shall be the Burntisland Bowing Club and shall consist of

Full members, Associate members and Honorary members


2. Club Purpose

The purpose of the Club is to participate in and promote the sport of lawn bowls.

3. Membership

a. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport

on application, regardless of sex, disability, ethnicity, sexual

orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of

membership according to available facilities is allowed on a nondiscriminatory


b. The Club may have different classes of membership and subscriptions

on a non-discriminatory basis.

c. The Club may refuse membership, or cancel membership, only for good

cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into

disrepute. Appeal against refusal or cancelation of membership may be

submitted to the Management Committee in writing along with

supporting information or evidence.

d. Membership shall consist of: -

i. Full Members

ii. Associate members

iii. Honorary Members.

4. Full members

Full members shall be all members who are afforded all facilities of the Club and

who will be eligible to serve on the Committee and have full voting rights. The

Club has to have at least 25 members to be properly constituted.

5. Associate Members

Associate may be admitted as non-playing members at a reduced rate. They will

be eligible to enjoy the social amenities of the Club but will have no voting rights.

6. Honorary Presidents

Presidency of the Club may be conferred upon such person or persons as have

rendered special services to the Club or to the game of bowls. Such appointments

to be made at the Annual General Meeting and no more than three Presidents may

hold office at any one time.

7. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be given to a person or persons, if they are no longer

able to play due to illness, infirmity, or only very occasionally. Honorary

memberships can only be given at an Annual General Meeting. Honorary

members will have NO voting rights.

8. Membership Fees

Membership shall be by Annual Subscription at a figure to be determined by the

members at the Annual General Meeting. Membership fees will fall due on 1st

March each year, and will required to be paid by the second Saturday after the

opening of the green. New members shall pay the appropriate subscription before

being admitted to the privileges of the Club.

9. Management Committee

Management Committee shall be the Officials and Committee as elected at the

Annual General Meeting. It shall have full powers to transact all business and

affairs of the Club, to call General Meetings and may fill by co-option any vacancy

in their number. Any member so co-opted, would serve only to the following

Annual General Meeting. At all committee meetings, quorum to be six members. A

quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 25% of all members. The Chair

shall have a deliberative vote, and an additional casting vote


10. Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting will be held in March each year. At this time, there will be

appointed to office, a Club President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Match

Secretary and an additional eight committee members. The Secretary shall give

intimation of the Annual General Meeting to members by circular at least eight

days before the proposed date of meeting. A notice of motion for Annual General

will be written out and given to the Secretary six days before the meeting for

inclusion on the agenda.

11. Meetings

The Committee shall meet as necessary on requisition of the President or any two

members of the Committee, and shall meet at least once a month during the

bowling season.

12. Special General Meetings

The President will be bound to call such a meeting of the Club when required to

do so by requisition, signed by at least ten members. Said meeting to be held

within eight days of the receipt of such requisition.

13. Conduct of Meetings

Any Notice of Motion coming before the Annual General Meeting must be moved

by the Proposer and seconded by another members. Voting will be by a show of

hands unless agreed by two-thirds of members present that a ballot be held.

Again, as in committee, the Chairman will have an additional casting vote. The

Chair’s decision on all matters will be final.

14. Treasurer’s Accounts

Correct accounts and Books shall be kept, which will be properly audited before

submission to the Annual General Meeting, together with the Treasurer’s Report

and Balance Sheet. The Treasurer may use his discretion on expenditure to a

figure of £500 then report action to the Committee. Expenditure above £500 must

first be proposed to Committee and approval granted before any action is taken.

At the Annual General Meeting 2002, the membership agreed to the following:

An overdraft of up £2000 shall be agreed with the Bank, for emergency purpose

with the full approval of the Committee.

The Club is a non-profit making organization. All profits and surpluses will be

used to improve the Club’s facilities No profit or surplus will be distributed other

than to another non-profit making body or to members on winding up or

dissolution of the Club.

15. Licensing Acts

The following rules shall be observed to comply with the Licensing (Scotland) Act


a. That no members of the committee or governing body, and no

manager or servant employed in the Club shall have any personal

interest in the sale of excisable liquor therein or in the profit arising

from such sales.

b. That all members of the Club shall be elected by the whole body of

members, or by the committee or governing body, with or without

specially added members.

c. That the names and addresses of persons proposed as ordinary

members of the Club shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in

the Club premises for at least a week before their election and that

an interval of not less than two weeks shall elapse between

nomination and election of ordinary members.

d. That no person under 18 shall be admitted a member of the Club

unless the Club is one devoted to some athletic purpose, and in the

latter case that no excisable liquor shall be sold or supplied to any

person under 18 years of age.

e. That no person shall be allowed to become Honorary or Temporary

members of the Club, or be relieved of the regular entrance fee or

subscription, except those possessing certain qualifications defined

in the rules, and subject to conditions and regulations prescribed


f. That no excisable liquor shall be sold in the Club premises for

consumption off the premises, except to a member of the Club in

person for consumption by him, or to a person holding a certificate

or a wholesalers’ excise licence for the sale of such liquor.

g. Other than when an occasional licence has effect, no person is to be

supplied with alcohol on the Club premises unless that person is:

i. A member of the Club;

ii. A person who is on the premises at the invitation of a

member of the Club and is accompanied by that member; or

iii. A member of another club which meets requirements of

Section 125(1) of Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

The work of Burntisland Bowling Club shall not be for the benefit of Landfill site

operators who may contribute to Burntisland Bowling Club and claim credit

under the Landfill Communities Fund. Nor shall it be for the benefit of

contributing third parties, as defined in the Landfill Tax regulations.

In the event of the organization disbanding, any remaining Landfill Communities

Fund money shall be transferred to any enrolled environmental body and not to

an organization of similar objects and status.

16. Visitors

Members shall be allowed the privilege of bringing friends to the Club

occasionally. A visitor book shall be kept and names and addresses of visitors

entered. A member may ‘sign in’ no more than four visitors at any one time and

will be responsible for their conduct while they are on Club premises.

17. Temporary Members

The Committee shall have power to grant Temporary Membership. Persons

eligible for such membership shall be:

a. Members of any Bowling Club or persons who may be invited by

the Committee to any Club match or competition to be held at the


b. Visitors on holiday in Burntisland who may have purchased

Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly or Daily tickets.

18. Temporary Members

Temporary Members are exempted from payment of entrance fees and shall

enjoy all the privileges of the Club, subject to the rules and bye-laws but shall

have no right or interest in the property of the Club nor voice nor vote in the

management of its affairs, nor shall Temporary Members be admitted for a period

of less than a week have the right of introduction of a visitor to the clubhouse.

19. Alteration of Rules

None the preceding Rules shall be altered, unless by General Meeting of Members

and intimation of proposed alteration(s) shall be furnished to members eight

days before the meeting. Notice of motion to be in the hands of the Secretary

fourteen days before the meeting.

20. By-laws

The Committee shall have powers to make bye-laws, not at variance with the

foregoing rules, from time to time, as they see fit.

21. Conduct

Any member in contravention of the rules and on doing so after being warned by

Committee, or any member who shall be guilty of conduct prejudicial to the

interests of the Club, if which the Committee shall be sole judges, shall be liable to

suspension or expulsion by vote of the Committee.


22) Footwear

No one will be allowed on the Green unless wearing bowling shoes or specially

made plastic overshoes.

23) Laws

The laws of the game as laid down by Bowls Scotland, shall be observed in all

matters to which said laws relate, and a copy shall be exhibited in the clubhouse

at all times.

24) Delivery of bowls

Delivery must be made in such a way as to obviate the risk of damage to the turf

in any way, and bowls, jacks etc., must never be dropped on the Green.

25) Complaints

No complaint shall be considered by the Committee unless submitted in writing.

26) Competitions and Matches

The Match Committee shall determine when Club competitions and inter-club

matches are to be played, and shall appoint skips and make other arrangements

subject to the approval of the Management Committee should this be necessary.

27) Disputes

All disputes that may arise between competitors shall be referred to the Match

Committee whose decision is final.

28) Green/Rink Closure

When Green or Rinks are closed, due to weather or wear and tear, a minimum of

three persons from the Management Committee to decide if the Green or rinks

can be opened.

29) Eligibility

Only persons whose membership fees have been paid by the time prescribed in

the foregoing rules of this constitution shall be eligible to play in competitions

and ‘Ties’, or in arranged matches.

30) Postponed Matches

A match once started shall be played to a finish unless postponement is mutually

agreed to by the players. When, however, due to weather conditions, or the

condition of the Green, the Green Ranger, or any member of the Committee

present, may order a postponement. Any match postponement shall be resumed

at the point at which it was stopped, except an end not completed shall not be


31) Green Rulings

All persons entering or leaving the Green must use the steps provided only.

Sitting on artificial banking is not allowed; protective mats must be used when

requested by the Green Ranger or Committee.

The use of mobile phones and similar devices is not permitted on the green and

surrounding area.

If the above is not adhered to, Disciplinary action will be taken.